Salt Lake City Utah Air Duct Cleaning

Salt Lake City Air Ducts Need Cleaning Too

Is the air in your Salt Lake City home clean? Most people would say yes, but how do they know for sure.  Unless your air ducts cleaned regularly, you really don’t have a clue. Yes, most people have the filters cleaned and changed but what about the unit itself. The average six room house has about 40 pounds of dust and dirt in it. Having the air ducts cleaned is a good way to help with in-house allergies. It also helps keep the energy bill low. To save money some people clean their air ducts themselves. However, it is highly recommended that a professional does the job because of the detail that goes into it.

Air Duct CleaningThe average person cleans their Salt Lake City home every day. When they dust and vacuum they are only putting that dirt and dust back in the air. The air is then sucked back into the vents of the A/C unit. That same dirt and dust is only recirculated back into the air that you and your family breathe. This is the cycle that causes people with allergies to become sick and in some cases have a hard time breathing all together.  Having your Salt Lake City air ducts cleaned will help with some of these problems. But cleaning is not the only thing that has to be done. Routine inspections are also needed. It is said that air ducts should be cleaned on average of once every 2-3 years. Studies show that people who have their Salt Lake City air ducts cleaned have fewer problems with allergies in their home. The breathing quality of the air was much better. They could really tell a difference. On the down side, other studies show that people could not tell a difference in the quality of air. They also reported that their allergies stayed the same.

Other consumers found that having their Salt Lake City air ducts cleaned helped save them money on the electric bill. Clean units are not pulling so hard to cool the house off. Sometimes the units don’t have to be used for days at a time during the summer and winter seasons. The vents are not full of all the dust and debris that causes a blockage, so the air just flows more freely.

Before having someone come clean your air ducts make sure you ask around for referrals.  The best companies will have the most pleased customers, it’s always best to ask around and get other people’s opinions as well. Make sure that the company you hire is bonded and insured along with good customer come back percentage. Seeing how cleaning air duct is a very fragile job, you really want to make sure you have the best of the best. It’s not recommended that you try to do this job yourself. If you break something you will have to pay more money trying fix your unit. It’s just best to let the professionals do the job and make sure they do it well.

Remember, clean air ducts can be good for your Salt Lake City home as well as your family. Give us a call at 801-298-2788 and set an appointment.

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