Provo Utah Dryer Vent Cleaning

Preventing Provo Dryer Vent Fires

When you think of Provo fires you may not immediately associate them with dryer vents.  Many people do not even realize just how dangerous and common dryer vent fires are.  Even if you clean your dryer vent after every use there is still lint and other debris that has built up in your dryer vent.  All of this debris starts to clog your dryer vent and that reduces that amount of air flow to your dryer.  The reduced amount of air then causes exhaust gases from your dryer to build up and this can cause dryer vent fires.

Dryer VentIf you think that your Provo home’s dryer vent needs to be professionally cleaned but are unsure, there are several signs that you can look for.  The first sign is when your clothes are not drying completely when they should and when it is taking 30 to 45 minutes longer to dry your clothes than it normal.  Any time you notice that your clothes have a musty smell to them after you wash them or your clothes seem exceptionally hot when you take them out of the dryer, these are also signs that you may need to have your vents cleaned.

Luckily you can take steps yourself to help prevent your Provo home from catching fire.  You can clean your vents yourself but you should still have a professional check and clean your vents annually if not more.  The first step to help prevent dryer vent fires in your home is to always clean your lint screens.  You should do this every time you dry a load of laundry and should check it before you push the start button.  Even if you leave a little bit of lint on the screen it can travel further into the vents of your Provo home and lead to a dryer fire.  Another step you can take is to check your vent hose and make sure that it is in good shape and that you have the proper type of hose for your vent system in your Provo home.  Also take the time to make sure that it is not clamped, crushed, twisted, or kinked as that can cause clogging.

You should always clean your vent line regularly as that is where clogs are more likely to happen.  When your vent line is clogged you are more at risk for dryer vent fires.  You can easily do this yourself or you can hire a professional.

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