Electrostatic Furnace Filter

The Benefits Of Purchasing An Electrostatic Furnace Filter

Dirty Air DuctsRecently, the advances and progression of filters used in furnaces and air filtration have been immense. One of the latest advancements is the electrostatic furnace filter. Here are some reasons as to why you should consider buying one for your home.

Save Money

An electrostatic furnace filter assists in keeping the A/C coils and heating components from becoming coated with dust. Dirt that collects on these components is in general the main cause of cooling and heating system failures. In addition, a system that is clean will operate more efficiently which in turns helps you to save money on both equipment repairs and energy consumption. The electrostatic filters won’t need to be replaced which is also a fantastic money saver.

Relief From Common Allergies

Respiratory symptoms, allergies and asthma can be drastically lessened when the exposure levels to animal dander, mold spores, pollen and dust are controlled. These contaminants are controlled by the filters that have electrostatic properties.

Improved Housekeeping

Most of the household dust in your home will collect on the filters of your electrostatic furnace filter. This will mean that less dusting will be necessary in order to keep your home free from dust.

Environmentally Friendly

The filters in your electrostatic furnace feature a lifetime filter that is permanent. This means you no longer have to concern yourself with throwing out those disposable filters that accumulate in landfills.

Effortless To Maintain

Instead of having to worry about when you need to replace the filters, the electrostatic furnace filter only requires that you have them cleaned periodically. Keeping up this simple step will ensure that you can enjoy optimum filtration results and the best furnace efficiency.

How To keep Your Electrostatic Furnace Filter Clean

The filter found on your electrostatic furnace is permanent and can trap up to 97 percent of airborne allergens and dust particles. This occurs when air moves through the electrostatic charge that occurs between the “bonded” polyester fiber layer and the polypropylene honeycomb pattern. The electrostatic charge that develops attracts dust particles and any airborne allergies such as pet dander and pollen to the magnet featured in the filter of the electrostatic furnace.

These dust particles typically consist of tobacco smoke, pet and human dander, mold spores, fabric lint etc. Your electrostatic furnace filter can mean fewer allergies in your home and a cleaner air environment for you and all your family members. However, it is wise to keep a few things in mind. Below are a few easy and simple steps to follow to ensure you always receive the best out of your electrostatic furnace. By following these steps you are ensured that your electrostatic filter runs smoothly and stays hygienically clean.

Step One

Unearth the vent known as the HVAC. This is found where the filter for the electrostatic furnace is installed and assembled. Proceed to remove this filter from where it is seated.

Step Two

Use the small wand attachment on your vacuum cleaner and be sure to suck up all the sand dirt and dust on each side of your filter. This easy step should be done at least once a month to ensure that your electrostatic furnace runs smoothly. This is all the maintenance you will really require. However, in seasons where there is more pollen or dust in the air. The following steps are useful.

Step Three

You can clean your filter by hosing it down. Make sure that the water flow runs in the direction that is opposite to the way the air flows. Make sure you thoroughly spray this side of your filter to remove any dirt, grime and dust particles that have collected overtime. Make sure that that the filter has time to dry completely before you replace it.

Step Four

The final step involves spraying the filter down with a warm soapy solution that you can make up in a spray bottle. Make sure that you evenly spray each side of the filter, then rinse off the soapy solution under running water. Allow the filter to dry before you slide your filter back into the HVAC system. Ensure that all latches and panels are in the correct position.

How The Electrostatic Furnace Filter Works

The electrostatic filters operate on a principle known as static electricity and not electricity. The media on the filter has a negative charge. This charge becomes enhanced when air passes through it. Tiny particles that generally include mold, pollen and dust have what is known as a Positive charge and are attracted to this filter. These types of particles are the main culprit for environmental pollution found indoors. The electrostatic furnace filter has been designed to trap pollutants that are the removed out of the air. This means that the air in your home is healthy and cleaner.