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Indoor air quality is a very important part of healthy living as well as comfort. Unfortunately, pollen, dust, and debris are often found in a home’s air duct system. This is why you need an Orem Utah air duct cleaning company like All Clean Air Duct Cleaning to safeguard your health and comfort.

Our Air Duct Cleaning Services

Depending on the type of HVAC system and the situation of your air duct, we can employ either of the following methods to guarantee operational efficiency:

• Source Cleaning

Source removal is perhaps the most popular and highly recommended air duct cleaning service. Our experts will mechanically clean your duct system by eliminating dirt and particles that have built up over time. Normally, these particles tend to cling or latch to the interiors of your air ducts rigidly. To deliver this service, our team uses mechanical agitation and extraction to clean your system.

• Steam Air Duct Cleaning

This type of air duct cleaning service uses a brush to agitate and dislodge dust, dirt, and foreign material attached to your vent walls by releasing high-pressure, high-temperature steam into the duct system. Normally, this service is perfect for HVAC systems that do not rely on electricity.

• Vacuum Cleaning

This service makes use of a vacuum from a truck that is connected to the vent system’s trunk lines. Rotary brushes are put into air ducts to help dislodge and transport dirt to the collection location. Consequently, all the dust is eliminated from your duct system leaving you with a home full of fresh air.

• Point of Contact Air Duct Cleaning

This service employs a mobile vacuum with a HEPA filter and an agitating device to clean the air ducts at the same time. Because it reduces cross-contamination, the HEPA filter is an important aspect of the cleaning process.

2 Reasons Why You Need Air Duct Cleaning Services

Your Energy Bills will be Lower

The flow of air to and from the components of an AC system is obstructed by dust and dirt. The furnace or air conditioner has to use more energy to accomplish its work when the ducts are clogged. Keeping ducts clean will allow your units to operate at maximum efficiency. As a result, energy bills are kept at a minimum, helping homeowners save money.

Ensures Healthy and Clean Air in a Home

The air that passes through the ducts is the same air that a family inhales daily. If left uncontrolled, allergens such as pollen and pet dander can build up in ducts and re-enter the living space through supply registers. Though these particles aren’t generally harmful to people’s health, they can cause problems for those who suffer from asthma, allergies, or other respiratory ailments. That said, it is wise for homeowners and building managers to conduct air duct cleaning regularly.

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The perils of filthy ducts and dryer vents must be understood by homeowners. You can maintain your home’s air quality by hiring cleaning services regularly, making breathing easier, and reducing asthma and allergy problems.

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